Friday, November 11, 2005

Touchdown: The realization

Slept almost the whole way from Seoul to Bangkok. Fortunately our bags showed up, unfortunately i want to kick myself in the ass for packing WAY too much. right away i know that i have to ship stuff back-- the cab driver actually fell-over when lifting the boehiemith. Walking out of the airport doors the humidity hits you like a slap ing the face, then it crawls in and latches onto your boneslike an infants grip on your finger.

"Weolcum to Khao San Ro' . Happy Thailand! Is this honeymoon?"

$16 for 2 nights at a clean guesthouse w/ a/c hot shower and a washroom. I fell asleep and woke up to the whurring climaxes of gears shifting.
I also woke up to the realization of my dream. Me and my man in the land of the free. Wow so this is what it feels like to get something that you really really want. Indescribable.


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