Friday, November 11, 2005

Surreal: a day of first days indeed.

Its incrediable how alive and colourful this place is. Its amazing that a place can be enthusistic and peaceful all at once. We slept in (not suprising) and by the time we were organized we went for lunch , then came the rain. And oh did it rain! When it rains here it doesn't screw around. Flashes of light so close and the thundersometimes even making me jump and definatley making me smile. Then there is the food, such amazing tasty food!

Noodle soup
BBQ banana
Young coconut
Thai Sweet Pancake
Fresh pinapple----( as i'm re-writing this i am craving one and i just might get one on
the way to bed :)
Veggies and pork on rice

I can't wait to try more. We met two really cool Austrailians, they were very nice. However what topped my day was the one hour Thai full body massage. --FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!---
and no cathy- they do not massage your breasts. Best $4 ever spent, for sure. I feel so good right now its ridiculous. I could try to tell you but i know that you wouldn't be able to understand.


At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the thai massage... don't worry, I understand



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