Sunday, November 13, 2005

To the now

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So here i am in a very stuffy internet cafe writing to you. Street sounds, whurring fan, sticiky, wonderful. Yesterday we had our first adventure with the tok tok (small motercycle taxi) we went to three temples one of the very tall standing buddah and also the lucky buddah. before we went we got to see a parade for some sort of holiday , we have no idea for what but it was really cool to see and hear the different music and dances and performances. Very cool.
We were worned about the tok toks and how they can cheat you very easially. However for more than 2 hours we got free transport with the catch of two stops. The drivers get special gas vochers if they drop off tourists at stores that support the drivers. so basically you have to look around and pretend to be interested for 5-10 mineutes then leave and get the rest of your ride. Not bad but not for all the time to get around.

Today we went to the weekend market. That was really cool. It was a maze of tiny shops inside and outside. When it rained we went in and tried not to get too dripped on by the leaking roof. When it was sunny there was so much to eat and see outside. I bought a few things: silk scarf, bracelets, wallet, not that there was a lack of interesting things to buy, but quite the opposite. There lies the delema of Thai shopping. There is about 1000 of each thing and all in different colours and designs so for me i just get too overwhelmed and can't decide. Also there is the bargining factor, yes its pretty cheap already but how much should i settle for? Some vendors wouldn't even bargin with me, through not the lack of trying they would only give me a relitivly small discount. oh well i have 6 months to figure this out. After going to the market we went to MBK a huge 6 floor shopping mall and i didn't even buy anything, mostly because in comparison to the market the prices were much higher.
Soon we will be leaving for Chaing Mai but there is still lots to see in Bangkok yet. The full moon is on the 16th.
My next post will be soon. Oh i think that we are 15 hours ahead, its 10:10 pm here and 6:10 am for you guys.
miss you all!
lots of love....Breanne

we havn't been able to figure out how to put the pictures right on my site but you acan view all the ones we have been able to upload on the flickr site that is connected to this page.


At 12:03 AM, Blogger alter ego said...

Breanne! Whoohoo! Glad to hear you are having an amazing time. For some reason, I could only read Dan's site before so it was sort of complicated and thought that you weren't updating yours. Weeeird.

I can't believe you are in Thailand still! That's amazing. Cherish every moment..but I'm sure you knew that already.

I can't believe they don't massage your boobies. that's a shame.
but $4 is not bad at all.

I miss you a ton. Loves you lots. thinking of you while it's shitting rain out here in vancouver!


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