Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ping-pongs anyone?

Two nights ago, after a two-hour Thai massage ( here is a correction because I guess it depends on where you go, that you get your breasts massaged or not, at this place you do. The lady giggled and said "so nice...I don't have") we decided to check out Patpong. This is the historic red-light district of Bangkok and everyone I have talked to has talked about the freaky sex-shows that they have there. One of those things that you go to experience and never do again.
Well that pretty much sum's it up. There is also an extensive night market selling fake and rip-off everything. As you walk down the market you are approached by men who shove a list in your face and say "sexy-show, banana-show, ping-pong show"
So after we had finished shopping and eating we dared the "show".
Our guide book warned us about the places claiming no-cover charge and are instead huge money-suckers.
We thought that we were going for a bar that avoided this but of course we were almost robbed. What we saw was some very bored dancing thai's and "shows" that were more awkward and bazaaro than a turn-on. I don't know, darts just don't do it for me. But it was an 'experience'.


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