Monday, January 23, 2006

Beach life

Presently on Koa Tao, a small (6km long 2km wide) island of clear turquoise waters, coral, plentiful sea life and white sand beaches.
Our guest house (of course with ocean views) is 10m from the shore and its even quiet we often have the whole cove to snorkel in by ourselves. How much? Oh 300 Baht a night ($7.50US).
I know I know too good to be true right?

I can hardly believe it myself.
I am seriously loving this...Maybe too much...I could live here. Not particularity on this island but in this sort of environment for sure.

Well I am waiting for pictures to upload I will tell you about our last night in Bangkok with Bee.
Cathy met Bee in Japan and gave us his contact because he lives in Bangkok, so we were finally able to meet up with him on the last night we had in Bangkok before we came here. We went first to 'the gas station' and I though oh a pub called 'the gas station' but no, it was actually tables and chairs set up around the closed gas station. The mood was very nice, and Bee brought his friend Paul, a traveler from Ireland. All in all it was a great time of talking and happy drunkenness. Till about 5am or so. It was the best night in Bangkok that I have had, Bee is hilarious, along with his friend Paul too. More pics

Bee, amazingly this is before consumption

...No, no oflicer I haven't been drinking...

Ok now back to the beach

Beautiful sunsets anyone? Cause we have see a few...


Amazed yet? K how about some more



and now check out the view

Just out our bungalow window

From the shore


There is also jungle too

this is near the main pier.

Some interesting things:

Yeah, that's about how we understood it too

How to be a real Dan
I love this! I always wanted to train my Dan, now this place offers both courses and training

Don't get me wrong, the island doesn't come with out its own paradox'. There is so much rapid growth here the island is hardly coping, garbage and fresh water are a problem. It is possible that in just a few years the seemingly pristine nature of this magnificent place could be jeopardized just by people visiting it and unrestricted growth. This has definitely been (and still is) a problem on some of the more popular and touristic islands. But right now I will revel in the greatness of it all.


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Stacie said...

Breanne, those pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! I love them :)

At 1:42 AM, Blogger alter ego said...

Omg that is hilairious. The signs in Thailand are sooo funny! Is there training for ka wai's or cathy's?!

Im so jealous--you got to hang out with bee!!!looks like you guys had a really good time!!

talk to you soon

and the beachces are so beautitful!!

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bree,

Those pics are so beautiful! Now this is a great place $7.50US and on the it. Can't believe those signs...too funny.


Lots of Love
Your Sis


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