Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas in the Jungle?

Well it looks that way...

tomorrow morning we leave on a trek for four days of jungle and village culture. We are going with Saliwin tours guide Adul and three other travelers. Tomorrow we take a boat and have lunch in Burma, then we continue our trek staying in villages along the fringes of the Burma border.

Today we rented motorbikes and went to Calcite cave 30km away. It was so beautiful! Of all the caves that we have seen this is my favorite, it had so many interesting formations and crystallization, and colours! Later today we also tried to go to a waterfall and hotsprings but the road to the waterfall was really bad and it looked like it might rain, then we could not find the right way to the hotsprings, but the scenery was very pretty and we got back just as it was getting dark.


At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Breanne & Dan,

We are missing you. We love living your experience in Thailand through your words and beautiful pictures. So glad you are taking it all in. We will miss you both at Nan & Umpa's on Christmas. Have a tropical jungle drink for us. Lots of Love,

Your Sis...Pam (Joe, Cabe & Cale too) xoxxox


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