Monday, January 02, 2006

Welcome to the New Year

We found out that New Years is not such a big deal in Mae Sot but found the most foreigner-friendly pub and forced ourselves to stay up. The Thai cover band was awesome and the main singer was unlike any other Thai singer that we have encountered. He had a deep scrachy Tom Waits type voice and it was awesome. From 'Puff the Magic Dragon' to 'Hotel California' the covers were the best renditions that I had ever heard. I asked if he had a CD but blushed and said 'maybe in a few years'. All in all it was a good time even with the single firework that went off marking midnight. How was your New Years? Or do you remember?
Awesome Thai band

This is Black-Black, we found him in a candy box

Happy New Year!

our waitress was festive

Yesterday we got brave and rented a (yes one) motorbike to save some bhat. It was actually quite fine, hey if the Thais can so can we? I think that just not for long distances though. We went to see a stupa that is perched on top of a large rock that looks like a boulder. It was cool but the climb up the never-ending flight of stairs in the heat was brutal.


View from the top

Steep never-ending steps

There was also a very small cave where I took this cool picture.

For dinner Dan spoiled me and we went to this really cool romantic place. It was designed by a botanist and had all sorts of plants and trees. The restaurant is spread out by sort of man-made islands separated by streams that flow to a small man-made lake. Is is created so that it feels and looks natural, and the food was sooooooo delicious. The river fish and deep fried ice cream were the tastyist.

So beautiful




Waterfall in the restaurant!

I took some pretty cool macro shots:

This is my favorite

Also good

Even better

And so today we took a minibus to Sukhothai and tomorrow we will explore its ruins and right now we are going for dinner.


At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Stacie said...

Hi Breanne!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Looks like you two have been enjoying yourselves. Almost every adventure you write about is soooooo not something I would be into doing, but it's fun to hear about and see the pics. Make sure you are back by this summer because it looks like I'm getting married in Victoria. We're not "officially" engaged yet, Bryan has just mentionned it being summer 2006. Very exciting. Anywho.. I love reading your blogs. Although some of the pics are kinda gross... that pig almost made me puke! haha. My friend Sasha is going to Thailand in April and wants me to come.. but that's not my idea of a vacation. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bree,

Loved hearing your voice the other day and it was wonderful of you to call Cabe on his special day!! The kids love the Gibbon's and your romantic restaurant. Cabe said "Cool, a waterfall in the restaurant". Glad your having a great time, however, remember to slot your time carefully in each destination so that you are able to reach other places like Vietnam, etc., into your timetable. The world is your's to explore and you may not make it back to Thailand again. Don't come back with any regrets. Just some sisterly, travel, New Year's advice. Lots of love to you and Dan.

Your sis... xoxo


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