Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tarutao Tango

The Marine NP is really gorgeous and we enjoyed the week that we stayed there. Through all our efforts we went against the idea of camping alone on a deserted island. It wasn't an easy decision... Damn those poisonous sea snakes! The snakes come on shore at night to lay in the warm sand. If one of us was to be bit, we would not have a boat to take back to get help and basically we would not be in a good situation. But the park HQ was not so busy, with as many workers there as there was tourists. Also the camping area was spacious.
When it rains it pours!
The only bad thing was that we were caught unaware in a thunder storm in the middle of the night. I was enjoying sleeping without the rainflyand Dan woke me up when it started drizzling, we tried to quickly get all of our stuff from being wet but it was too late. Down came the cats and dogs. It was one of the most unreal experiences... pouring rain, soaking wet, and lightening cracks near buy that let off the most unreal bone vibrating thunder! I was both terrified and exhilarated. The whole thing lasted maybe 40 minutes.
Well how about some pictures?

We saw some nice sunsets

I loved to swim in such inviting water

I got my hair braided before in Karabi, I love it because it is so easy and I have always wanted it done(it took 4 hours), Dan hates it but that's his problem.

We hiked for an hour to see Pirate falls but because its the dry season, there was not much to them.

We even saw some nice sunrises (no joking we did get up that early!)

Same sunrise

This is on Lipe island which is not a part of the NP so is being developed and a lot of tourists stay here.


The path to Lipe's nicest beach with talcum powder white sand... can't you just feel it between your toes?

One of tall ships maybe?

Probably one of the best I've seen

but really you should see them all

on the way to Pebble Island I found 3 little cute kittens in the bow of the longtail boat, I really didn't want to let them go

The coral around Pebble Island was some of the best that I have seen

Pebble Island

Legend has it that the stones are cursed, so that whosoever takes a stone will be riddled with bad luck until the stone is replaced. Their is a hefty fine and possible jail time if you are caught taking a stone, bad luck indeed.

See all the Ko Hin Ngam (Pebble Island) Pictures

So now we are not sure whether to stay a bit in Malaysia or not and just head up to Laos. Maybe a week in Malaysia? We will decide tonight.


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