Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Whole New World

Well as it turns out we have decided to go to Malaysia after all which hosts Taman Negara National Park A piece of virgin tropical rainforest 130 million years old! The highlights that we intend to do include crossing creaky rope bridges 25m in the forest canopy, meeting some of the aborigines and possibly learning to use a blow pipe, also hiking and cave exploring. After the National Park we may go to Indonesia depending on flight prices from Kuala Lumpur and the time we need for Laos and Cambodia. So much to do... So little time! I guess that I have been so used to Thailand that coming to a different country has been a bit of a shock. Malaysia is predominately Muslim and dressing conservatively here I have found is important. Most women wear head shawls and cover almost every part of their body, so even if I wear short sleeves I stand out and some men call out rudely. But the people are friendly. We took the train to Jerantut (the town we are in now) all the way from Hat Yai in Thailand yesterday. It was a long day. We started at 5am and got here past midnight including the time crossing the border and waiting for trains.

In other news, my longtime friend Stacie Hailey is getting married and I have accepted her request to be one of her bridesmaids! The wedding is in August.


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