Friday, November 18, 2005

Bangkok fever

Oh yes i have the fever, but the kind where you are hot and sticky, sick and your head hurts. For the first time since i've left i really miss people. Especially my nephews. today we went to the amulet market and another Wat or temple with a 46m long reclining buddah. We also ran errands--which take forever here because the city is so slow but busy all the time.

This is a cat (duh) at the amulet market


These are the amulets--you can get a good luck charm for pretty much anything--yes even that what you are thinking!


this is the huge buddah, you can't even get the whole thing in one picture.
So before i didn't post any pictures because we wern't sure if we could log onto the same site at once, however there are much more pictures on dans flickr website from my digital camera. if you were wondering I took 98% of the pictures. Some of them turned out quite nicely.

Well it would be really nice to hear from all of you to see how you are doing. I miss you all.


At 2:24 PM, Blogger alter ego said...

breanne! hunnY! i have to make this quick.

if you are by any amulet place, can you pick my brother dave up one please? Something in association to health if possible. He's neurotic right haha. If it isn't to expensive :) and not too bulky of course. thanks!

i love you and miss you tons.



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