Friday, March 17, 2006

It's a trap!

Kuala Lumpur was supposed to be just a few days, now a week later we have found that we have wasted valuable time. We were in contact with Korean Air to see about getting our tickets extended, four days of valuable time later we were told that yes we can extend our tickets but it will cost us a hefty $660.00 CAD. We now have very little time to make it worth it to go to Indonesia. This breaks my heart. I really wanted to see some volcano landscapes. The tickets to Indonesia are cheap but because of the long distances needed to travel when off the plane, we would only be doing what we would actually want to be doing ie: seeing Komodo Dragons and volcanic landscapes for only a few days making the costs outweigh the benefits. If we had a month however... (sigh) boo Korean air! So unless we come into a fair sum of money, no Indonesia for us.
Making matters worse is that the guest house we are staying in although nice and friendly, has bedbugs and I have bites all over my body (they are itchy like mosquito bites).


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