Monday, November 21, 2005

The Mystery of the North

Tonight in 45 minutes we depart via bus northward specifically Chaing Mai. There is so much relief that a change in pace and scenery and people is nigh. The trip is 12 hours and we got a great deal but it is definitely a gamble because we don't know if the bus is actually aircon, reclining seats and a bathroom but for the both of us it cost 400 bhat. Very cheap.
We finally met Bee-- he was working but at least he was able to spend his break with us. He is a very cool person and when we get back hopefully we can all go out but now he is a crazy busy working studying person like many of you.
We also went to Jim Thompson house which was very neat and informative about some Thai culture as well as having many artifacts. The zoo was a strange combination of good and bad. More sad than anything, many of the animals were in very cramped spaces and were bored, swinging their heads back and forth and begging for food. The bad part is that people would actually feed them just to amuse their children. But it was very neat to see tigers and different bears and even hippos. Well now we depart.


At 2:28 PM, Blogger AL said...

Hey guys...glad to hear that everything is going great. I hate you all...its snowing here in the soo. Have fun, stay safe and for god sake...use protection. No one likes an unplanned pregnancy..........AL


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