Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Gentle Awakening

The bus to Chaing Mai was not that comfortable (but about as good as it gets for riding a bus anyway) I couldn't sleep but read "Girl with a Pearl earring" -good but not great. I was 5 pages from the end and the bus driver turned off my light- that really sucked. However we decided to stay at the guesthouse that we were dropped off at-quiet and cheap and the big bonus is a comfortable bed. The last guesthouse bed was almost plywood. So it turned out that the gamble with the super cheap bus turned out.
I fell into a deep sleep and awakened to birds chirping and warm sunshine sunshine, gentle mulling about on the ground below. I felt that the suffocating nature of Bangkok was finally lifted. As if that wasn't enough we found a funky and serene "Roof Top Bar", also called "THC bar" to watch the sunset and drink beer and tea from. That was truly awesome.
We also met Ori, a young Israeli man and we have made plans to go to a national park with him tomorrow, it is on the tallest mountain in Thailand.
We have made a light itinerary of going on a sort of loop around the north western part of Thailand to the areas not too touristy and more authentic in nature -however this comes from the most published guidebook in the world so we will have to see.


At 12:49 AM, Blogger alter ego said...

thc bar??!!

glad to hear you are exploring. miss you like crazy.
im getting sick and its cause its damn cold and foggy in vancouver.
love you. c

At 5:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

roof top bar? meeting an israeli guy in chiang mai?

I feel like you are reliving my trip!!!
I did both those things!

I was talking to a Thai guy online the other day and he said there is a safari in Chiang Mai that is not to be missed. Ask about it if you can. It's wasn't there when we were.



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